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Thermal holder

Two-piece blaugelb thermal holder made of aluminium comprising the base body for securing at the brickwork and the insertion bracket for variable adjustment of the brickwork differentials. The blaugelb thermal holder is suitable for fixing the window sill with a 40 mm drip groove at the brickwork with projections of 155 mm to 300 mm for controlled drainage of the surface water. It offers a simple and secure purchase against wind pressure and also serves as vertical support of the window sill.

As per the "Richtlinien der RAL Gütesicherung Fenster und Türen“ [RAL Quality Assurance Guidelines for Windows and Doors] as well as the "Empfehlungen für den Einbau/Ersatz von Metallfensterbänken“ [Recommendations for the Installation/Replacement of Metal Window Sills] from the Gütegemeinschaft Wärmedämmung von Fassaden e.V. (GWF) [Quality Assurance Association for Thermal Insulation of Facades], brackets are to be used as of a construction depth of 150 mm.

The blaugelb thermal holder is used both in restoration as well as in the area of new construction for general-purpose plaster masonry, fair-faced brickwork and cavity walls. The blaugelb thermal holder is primarily used in thermal insulation composite systems. The blaugelb thermal holder is additionally secured to achieve stability in order to ensure the position.

Product benefits:

  • Simple, secure purchase
  • Projections of 155 to 300 mm illustratable
  • For 40 mm drip groove
  • Guaranteed angle of slope of at least 5°
  • Flexibility in all dimensions
  • Drainage of the surface water
  • Variable adjustment of the brickwork differentials
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blaugelb thermal holder 155 mm
(holder 85/105 mm & slide angle 40/100 mm)
1 pc.


blaugelb thermal holder 175 mm
(holder 60/125 mm & slide angle 40/100 mm)
1 pc.


blaugelb thermal holder 210 mm
(holder 95/160 mm & slide angle 40/100 mm)
1 pc.

blaugelb thermal holder 235 mm
(holder 125/180 mm & slide angle 40/100 mm)
1 pc.

blaugelb thermal holder 300 mm
(holder 150/200 mm & slide angle 40/150 mm)
1 pc.

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Bracket material thickness:2 mm
Insertion bracket material thickness:1.5 mm

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