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Window Handle FGS 1758 DK (push button) Black Line

The blaugelb Window Handle FGS 1758 DK Black Line made from aluminium is notable for its elegance and straight lines, and looks good on every window. It is always locked in its home position and can only be turned to open the window by pressing the push button. The surface finish imparts the window handle with its colour and rounds off the high-quality overall impression. It is supplied complete with pre-inserted fastening for the appropriate pin length with 10 mm positioning studs.

The elegant Black Line from blaugelb is designed in black and includes a coordinated product range with complementary pieces for all aspects of window and door fittings. It impresses with its high-grade appearance and a clear, modern design.

Product benefits:

  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • Powder-coated surface finish
  • Can only be turned by operating push button
  • Attractive and elegant on the window
  • Concealed fastenings thanks to pre-inserted screws

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Product name Pin length PU Item no.

blaugelb Window Handle FGS 1758 DK
black matt

32 mm

20 pieces



37 mm

20 pieces


43 mm

20 pieces


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Powder-coated black matt

Rosette material:

Plastic incl. steel reinforcement plate

Lock-in position:

Four-fold, 90°

Square pin:

7 mm steel

Pin lengths:

32 / 37 / 43 mm

Cam diameter:

10 mm

Rosette dimensions:

28 x 68 x 12 mm (oval)


2 countersunk head screws M5x40 / 45 / 50 mm galvanised

Packing unit:

20 pieces

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