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Glazing blocks with rabbet

The blaugelb glazing blocks with rabbet ensure that the glass edges do not make contact with the frame at any time to safely prevent damage. They transfer the weight of the glazing unit onto the frame structure and keep the frame and sash in the correct position without twisting or tilting and thereby ensure the proper function. The clamping lug prevents slipping in the vertical frame profile and ensures that the glazing block with the clamping lug makes contact at the window and not at the glazing rebate. This has the advantage that the blaugelb glazing blocks with rabbet only have to be marginally wider than the actual window thickness. They are made of high-quality polypropylene, make do without plasticisers and are therefore edge bond compatible. Thanks to the physical composition, they are capable of withstanding high pressures and thus of ensuring the optimum load transfer. Thanks to the innovative labyrinth ventilation system on the bottom side, the blaugelb glazing blocks with rabbet help to achieve the optimum vapour pressure equalisation as the air and humidity can move longitudinally and transversely. The blocking is to be performed according to Technical Guideline No. 3 "Klotzung von Verglasungseinheiten [Blocking of Glazing Units]" of the Institut des Glaserhandwerks für Verglasungstechnik und Fensterbau [Glazier Institute for Glazing Technology and Window Installation], Hadamar.

The edge bond compatibility is responsible for the interactions between the edge bond and the glazing block. Without the compatibility inspection, damaging interactions can occur due to the contact between the sealants in the edge bond of the insulation glass and the glazing blocks. Polypropylene does not contain any styrenes that react with the edge bond. The classic plasticiser migration from the edge bond into the blaugelb glazing block with rabbet is thus prevented. With the inspected edge bond compatibility, the blaugelb glazing block with rabbet cannot lose its mechanical stability so that the load transfer continues to function in a manner suitable for the system.

Product benefits:

  • Prevent slipping in the vertical frame profile thanks to clamping lugs
  • Make contact with the clamping lug at the window and not the glazing rebate
  • Only have to be marginally wider than the window thickness
  • Reinforced bearing system enables high carrying capacity and an optimum load transfer
  • Compatibility exists with popular edge bond materials (based on polysulphide, polyurethane and silicone) such as Tremco, Kömmerling
  • Inspected compatibility with Dow Corning adhesives and sealants
  • Labyrinth ventilation system for optimum longitudinal and transverse ventilation and drying
  • Optimum load distribution and support according to Hadamar guidelines with an average minimum bearing area of over 700 mm²
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Optimum vapour equalisation with wood windows
  • Temperature-resistant

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Stärke Colour 28 mm Thickness 30 mm Thickness 32 mm Thickness
1 mm white - - -
2 mm blue 9187462 / PU 1.000 pcs. - -
3 mm red 9187463 / PU 1.000 pcs. 0416272 / PU 1.000 pcs. 0416278 / PU 1.000 pcs.
4 mm yellow 9187514 / PU 500 pcs. 0416274 / PU 1.000 pcs. 0416279 / PU 500 pcs.
5 mm green 9187515 / PU 500 pcs. 0416275 / PU 500 pcs. 0416284 / PU 500 pcs.
6 mm black 9187516 / PU 500 pcs. 0428630 / PU 1.000 pcs. -
8 mm grey - - -
Stärke Colour 44 mm Thickness 46 mm Thickness  
1 mm white - -  
2 mm blue - -  
3 mm red 0416285 / PU 500 pcs. 0416290 / PU 500 pcs.  
4 mm yellow 0416287 / PU 500 pcs. 0416292 / PU 500 pcs.  
5 mm green 0416288 / PU 500 pcs. 0416293 / PU 500 pcs.  
6 mm black - -  
8 mm grey - -  

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Regranulated polypropylene


DIN 559920

0.93 g/cm³


ISO 1133

> 4.7 g / 10 min

Modulus of tensile elasticity:

ISO 527

908 MPa

Notch impact strength:

ISO 179

4.2 kJ/m²

Ball indentation hardness:

80 N/mm²

Heat deflection temperature:

90 to 115 °C

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