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Motor Mount

The blaugelb Motor Mounts quickly and securely support the motor head and connect it firmly to the respective roller shutter box.

There is a special motor mount for each roller shutter system, for the classic new building box embedded in the wall, for the front-mounted element screwed onto the window from the outside and for the top-mounted box that sits on the window.

The blaugelb Motor Mounts are quick and easy to install.

Product benefits:

  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Precise mounting of the roller shutter motor
  • Protected against corrosion

blaugelb Motor Mount Front-Mounted:

For front-mounted or end cap systems
For installation with motor head plate
Slot dimension 56 mm each
Square bolt must be removed

blaugelb Motor Mount New Building:

For new and prefabricated boxes
For installation with bent motor mount
Square bolt must not be removed

blaugelb Motor Mount Top-Mounted:

For top-mounted boxes
For installation with motor head plate
Plate dimension 100 x 100 mm
Hole dimension 85 mm
Square bolt must be removed


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blaugelb Motor Mount Front-Mounted

1 piece


blaugelb Motor Mount New Building

1 piece


blaugelb Motor Mount Top-Mounted

1 piece


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