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Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC

The blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC is a proven solution for motorising roller shutters and is perfect for windows that are used daily, such as in the living room. It is extremely robust, reliable, durable, absolutely maintenance-free and very quiet in operation. Thanks to its powerful and compact design, the blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC also requires very little space.

The blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC can be quickly and easily installed and adjusted in the roller shutter shaft (roller shutters) using the appropriate adapters. In the case of subsequent renovation work, the end position setting of the blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC can be changed without opening the roller shutter box and simply by pressing a button on the programming cable (accessory article, item no. 9115319). In the event of overload which results in the permissible operating temperature being exceeded, the integrated thermostat prevents damage to the motor by means of an automatic shutdown.

The blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC is available in different dimensions and torques. As standard, the motors are pre-equipped for 40 or 60 mm shafts:

The Maxi models are suitable for mini roller shutters and roller blinds with a 40 mm shaft diameter (octagonal)
The Micro, Ultra and Mega models fit into systems with a 60 mm shaft diameter (octagonal)

With the additionally available adapter sets, shaft sizes of 40, 50, 60 and 70 mm are possible.

All blaugelb Roller Shutter Motors come with a 5-year warranty.

Product benefits:

  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Precise end position setting at the touch of a button or fully automatically*
  • Can be switched in parallel
  • Soft stop obstacle detection*
  • Integrated thermostat to protect the motor
  • Radio control can be retrofitted at any time


The blaugelb Roller Shutter Motors of the ELECTRONIC series are operated via classic switch solutions

blaugelb Flat Pushbutton 10A, item no. 9084807
blaugelb Toggle Switch 10A, item no. 9084808
blaugelb Surface Switch 10A, item no. 9084809

or electronic control units

blaugelb Timer, item no. 9084810

The respective control elements are not included in the scope of supply.

*except item no. 9084790
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Product namePUItem no.

blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC 13 Nm Maxi

1 piece


blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC 10 Nm Micro

1 piece


blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC 20 Nm Ultra

1 piece


blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor ELECTRONIC 40 Nm Mega

1 piece


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13 Nm


10 Nm


20 Nm


40 Nm



13 Nm

10 Nm

20 Nm

40 Nm

Rotational speed:

14 rpm

15 rpm

15 rpm

12 rpm


144 W

113 W

161 W

218 W

Limit switch range:


0.62 A

0.48 A

0.69 A

0.95 A


30 kg

18 kg

40 kg

70 kg

Nominal voltage:

230 V/50 Hz


1.4 kg

1.50 kg

2.1 kg

2.8 kg

Outer diameter:

35 mm

45 mm

45 mm

45 mm

Square bolt:

10 x 10 mm; length 13 mm

Dimension to be deducted:

18 mm

18 mm

18 mm

18 mm

Insertion depth:

579 mm

383 mm

602 mm

650 mm

Overall length:

610 mm

414 mm

633 mm

681 mm

Octagonal shaft:

40 mm

60 mm

60 mm

60 mm

Connection cable:

2.5 m

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