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Foil Dispenser

The blaugelb Foil Dispenser is the perfect tool for precise cutting of fleece-backed foils and is designed for a maximum foil width of 90 mm. The blaugelb Foil Dispenser helps to eliminate the need for laborious measuring of the foil to be cut as the laser-engraved scale in the cutting table of the blaugelb Foil Dispenser enables precise cutting of the foils. At the same time, the blaugelb Foil Dispenser ensures that the workstation remains tidy
and clean. The fixture for storing the cutter knife on the back of the foil
dispenser also aids in this.

The foils can thus be cut to length in advance in the workshop and attached to the window frame to allow for faster and more efficient work at the building site.

The blaugelb Foil Dispenser is made of high-quality, robust stainless steel (V2A). With its pre-installed fixed base plate, it is not necessary to screw the blaugelb Foil Dispenser to a base. It is thus portable and can be used at different workstations.

In addition to classic sealing and the associated foil cutting, the blaugelb Foil Dispenser also earns points in another discipline: In every situation that requires smaller, precisely cut foil pieces, the cutting area with its scale is worth its weight in gold. When sealing open profile cavities and faces of window sill connection or thermal insulation profiles in particular, this tool – in combination with blaugelb Foil Outside SL1050 Power One – pays off. The foil is available in many finely graduated widths and is thus ideally oriented toward profile system dimensions with widths ranging from 64 mm to 88 mm.

The blaugelb Foil Dispenser is available in two versions:

  • blaugelb Foil Dispenser single (item no. 9131481)
    This version has one roll holder
  • blaugelb Foil Dispenser double (item no. 9131482)
    This version has two roll holders that can be used simultaneously when cutting

Product benefits:

  • The ideal tool for fast and safe foil cutting
  • Easy to use, robust and durable for daily use in the workshop
  • Precise and straight cutting of foils thanks to the cutting insert
  • for cutter knife
  • No laborious measuring of the foils thanks to the scale laser engraved into the cutting table
  • Foils are not contaminated by dirt from the workshop
  • The workstation remains tidy and clean
  • No corrosion on the foil dispenser

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Product name PU Item no.
blaugelb Foil Dispenser single 1 piece 9131481
blaugelb Foil Dispenser double 1 piece 9131482

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Material: Stainless steel (V2A)
Weight: 1.9 / 3.8 kg (unloaded)
Dimensions: 13,5 x 10,5/20,5 x 75 cm

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