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Steel Plates

blaugelb Steel Plates are specially designed for the load transfer of window elements in the area of bearing thermal insulation elements (e.g. Isokorb®) that help to minimise thermal bridges to projecting components.

The blaugelb Steel Plate is the ideal solution to ensure compliant and professional installation on anchor bases that do not offer enough space for the installation of pre-wall installation systems.

If faced masonry is already present and a pre-wall installation system can therefore not be installed in the conventional manner, we recommend using blaugelb Steel Plates for the vertical load introduction.

They are secured using a fischer bolt anchor FBZ:

blaugelb article designation

fischer fixing set

Steel Plate 175x80x10 mm

FBZ 10/20 item no. 9035321, drill Ø 10 mm

Steel Plate 250x80x12 mm

FBZ 12/20 item no. 9035323, drill Ø 12 mm

Steel Plate 310x100x12 mm

FBZ 12/20 item no. 9035323, drill Ø 12 mm

Product benefits:

  • Three standard versions for a cantilever/air gap
    max. 90 mm, 140 mm, 180 mm or eccentric load axis up to max. 50 mm, 100 mm, 140 mm
  • Adopts the function of a rigid wall anchor (as described in
    LzM 2020-03 on page 144/145)
  • Easy and fast handling (only one hole necessary in the anchor base)
  • Easy introduction of load above the insulation layer
  • Suitable for all standard uses above the insulation layer
  • To be used in front of the bearing wall (insulation layer)
  • No special production
  • Protected against corrosion (galvanised)

Tested characteristics:

Point load based on proportional dead load of the window structure, rated resistance for all 3 versions of the blaugelb Steel Plates of
FVRd = 2.23 kN
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Product namePUItem no.

blaugelb Steel Plate 175x80x10 mm

1 piece


blaugelb Steel Plate 250x80x12 mm

1 piece


blaugelb Steel Plate 310x100x14 mm

1 piece


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Steel S235JR



Material thickness:

10 / 12 / 14 mm


175x80x10 / 250x80x12 / 310x100x14 mm

Packing unit:

1 piece

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