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Foil DuoSL600

The blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 is a special plastic foil with self-regulating properties for the sealing of connecting joints of windows and doors. It has a fleece backing and is fully self-adhesive. The integrated plastic foil can vary its sd-value, enabling it to regulate the water vapour permeability of the joint when used on both sides (inside and outside) so that it retains the capacity to dry out the whole year round.

The blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 is watertight against driving rain up to at least 600 Pa and UV-resistant for at least 4 months. It is elastic and absorbs the movements of the components. On the fully adhesive side, the slit protective  paper allows easy attachment to the substrate without the need for additional foil adhesive. The self-adhesive strip on the fleece side means that the blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 can also be bonded on both sides. The self-adhesive strip on the fleece side is covered by protective paper. Because the blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 can be used on the inside and outside, there is no danger of confusion and no need for expensive storage.

The blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 is secured to the window profile with the narrow self-adhesive strip and bonded with the masonry on the fully adhesive side. The self-adhesive property makes it suitable for bonding to commercially available window profiles and the standard construction substrates. The bonding can be corrected in the first few minutes. The blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 can be plastered, bonded and painted over on the fleece-backed side and can thus be installed completely hidden.

Product benefits:

  • Sealing that is watertight against driving rain and open to vapour
  • diffusion for the outer level
  • Sealing that is airtight and forms a barrier against vapour for the inner level according to DIN 18355
  • Intelligent moisture management in the joint thanks to the variable sd-value
  • Inner and outer sealing with just one product
  • No danger of confusion, no duplicate storage
  • Fleece side can be plastered, bonded and painted over, hidden installation
  • UV-resistant for at least 4 months
  • Moisture and temperature-resistant
  • Easy to process with slit protective paper  
  • Fully adhesive
  • Additional self-adhesive strip for the window frame covered by
  • protective paper
  • Can be applied on one side or both sides
  • Can be used for standard construction substrates* and window and door profiles* without the need for additional foil adhesive
  • Flexible and elastic foil, absorbs component movements
  • Sturdy foil design for permanent function
  • Joint sealing compliant with the Leitfaden zur fachgerechten Montage [Guideline for Proper Installation]
  • Manufactured under an ISO 9001/EN 29001-compliant quality system
*Carry out suitable pretests.
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Product namePUItem no.

blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 75 mm x 30 m

single perforation

8 x 30 m


blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 90 mm x 30 m

double perforation

6 x 30 m


blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 120 mm x 30 m

double perforation

4 x 30 m


blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 200 mm x 30 m

double perforation

4 x 30 m


blaugelb Foil DuoSL600 250 mm x 30 m

triple perforation

4 x 30 m


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special plastic foil with fleece backing, fully adhesive

Building material class:

DIN 13501

Class E


DIN EN 12572

sd-value ≥ 0.03 m to ≤ 15 m,
depending on the average air humidity

Joint permeability coefficient:

DIN EN 1026

a ≈ 0 m³/[h * m * (daPa)n]

Watertightness against driving rain:

DIN EN 1027

≥ 600 Pa

UV stability:

At least 4 months

Temperature resistance:

From approx. -40 °C to +80 °C

Processing temperature:

+5 °C to +45 °C

Compatibility with adjacent building materials:


Dimension tolerance:

DIN 7715 T5 P3


Storage temperature:

at +1 °C to +20 °C

Storage life:

12 months with dry storage
in unopened original packaging



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