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Pressure Roller

The blaugelb Pressure Roller is the ideal tool for the fast and reliable processing of the foils. It is built to be sturdy and durable for everyday use and equipped with all features for convenient work.

When bonding foils, such as at the connecting joint of windows and doors, it is important for the foil to establish a good adhesive bond with the substrate if a lasting sealing effect is to be guaranteed (follow the processing information for the products). This requires the foils to be pressed firmly against the substrate. That's where the specially optimised properties of the blaugelb Pressure Roller come into their own.

For efficient processing of the foils, the blaugelb Pressure Roller has a sturdy, solid wooden handle and a torsionally rigid steel bracket, ensuring that the pressure is transferred directly with less effort. The ergonomically shaped handle ensures a secure grip so it does not slip from the hand, taking the fatigue out of the job.

The angled, one-sided steel bracket means that the foil can be pressed firmly against the substrate right into the corners. That improves adhesion even at hard-to-reach places, ensuring a lasting sealing effect. The rubber roller is very strong, but still elastic enough for fluid rolling, which enhances comfort in use and allows the foil to be adapted easily to the contours of the substrate. The diameter of the rubber roller makes it ideal for efficient rolling, while the smooth-running axle removes the need for tilting.

Product benefits:

  • Robust design
  • Angled, one-sided roller holder for ease of use in corners
  • Sturdy, galvanized steel bracket
  • Smooth-running roller
  • Cylindrical roller made of 8 mm thick hard rubber
  • Made in Germany

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blaugelb Pressure Roller6 pieces9074068

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L 18.5 cm x W 6.2 cm x H 3.0 cm


120 grams


pressing foils when bonding
to a substrate


solid wooden handle, painted,
ergonomically shaped, blue,
with sturdy, galvanized steel bracket

Rubber roller:

hard rubber, cylindrical

thickness 8 mm

width 45 mm

diameter 30 mm

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