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Spray Primer

The blaugelb Spray Primer is an adhesive agent based on a rubber dispersion for preparing the substrates for bonding the fleece-backed foils. It has an excellent adhesion-enhancing effect on standard construction substrates. The use of the blaugelb Spray Primer is advantageous in order to ensure proper bonding even on difficult substrates. Due to its short flash-off time, further processing can be carried out quickly.

The blaugelb Spray Primer also acts as a spray adhesive. During processing it shows very little “overspray” (unwanted fogging). The spray jet is focused, but wide enough to wet the surfaces. The spray jet can be individually adjusted with the variable spray head. The blaugelb Spray Primer is suitable for use in almost all seasons. It can also be used at slight negative temperatures (down to -5 °C).

The blaugelb Spray Primer is ready to use and can be processed right away. It is ideal for use on façade parts and almost all standard construction substrates, for internal and external sealing of windows and doors. Ensure good ventilation during processing.

Highly suited for use on walls, soffits, floor slabs, foundations, balconies, underground car parks, terraces. Suitable for mineral, porous, absorbent, non-absorbent, sanding substrates, plastics, wood, metals.

Note: Substrates containing bitumen and plasticisers can reduce the adhesive strength of the blaugelb Spray Primer, in the worst case just a few weeks after application.

Suitable for mineral, porous, absorbent, non-absorbent, sanding substrates, plastics, metals:


Compatibility, adhesion:


very good


very good


very good

Ytong, porous concrete

very good

Sand-lime brick

very good

Bricks, clinker bricks, hollow bricks (Poroton etc.)

very good

Plaster (e.g. base plaster on masonry)

very good

Liquid plastics


Rigid PVC

very good

Laminated-film PVC (e.g. Renolit)

very good

Wood, uncoated

very good

Wood, painted

very good

Polystyrene, EPS

very good

Bare aluminium

very good

Coated (painted) aluminium

very good

Anodised aluminium

very good



Product benefits:

  • Very good adhesion between substrate and foil
  • Flashes off quickly
  • Highly suitable on almost all substrates
  • Very efficient (approx. 6 m² per can)
  • With variable spray head valve system
  • Free of aromatic components
  • Very little “overspray” (unwanted fogging)
  • Odourless
  • Very simple processability
  • Ready-to-use
  • Compatible with the blaugelb Triotherm+ profile with short flash-off time ≤ 5 min
  • Can be used on most standard construction materials*

*Carry out suitable pretests

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Product name PU Item no.
blaugelb Spray Primer 500 ml 12 x 500 ml 9066539

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Material base:

solvent-based rubber dispersion



Curing system:

flash-off, drying by evaporation of solvents

Flash-off time:

approx. 5 minutes at +20°C and 50 % RH (at lower temperatures the flash-off time is longer, at higher temperatures it is shorter)


(at +20 °C) 0.7 g/cm³

Applied quantity:

variable through steplessly adjustable valve; coverage approx. 6 m² per can

Processing temperature:

optimal: from +15 °C to +25 °C
(can, substrate and environment)
minimum: from -5 °C
(substrate and environment)

Temperature resistance:

-25 °C to +70 °C, short-term up to +80 °C

Storage life:

12 months in unopened original packaging, dry and frost-free at +5 °C to +25 °C. Protect against solar radiation and ensure good ventilation.

Delivery form:

500 ml can

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