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Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750

The combination of two special PU foams with the airtight LST membrane has resulted in a heavy-duty multifunctional tape: The blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 with air-stop technology LST protects against storms of the future and guarantees that the requirements arising from the German Building Energy Law (GEG) for sealing the connecting joint are reliably met.

The blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 is a pre-compressed 3-level sealing tape with a multi-tiered design for sealing and insulating the connecting joint with only one product. The multi-tiered design is ideally adapted to the three levels of the connecting and expansion joints on windows and doors.

The abbreviation SDL750 stands for its properties

  • Watertight against driving rain over 750 Pa and weather-resistant on the outside
  • Insulation against sound and heat in the functional level
  • Airtight and vapour diffusion retarding on the side facing the room

Extreme storm events and stricter building standards with more stringent specifications for energy savings place higher demands on window sealing, both from the outside and the inside. The nearly zero-energy building standard specified in the Germany Building Energy Law (GEG) demands maximum airtightness and insulation in the connecting joint.


  • Air-stop technology LST – 100 % more airtight than required by
  • the standard
  • Effective for CO2 reduction
  • For better climate protection
  • For lower heating costs
  • For healthy living without mould
  • Suitable for passive houses, nearly zero-energy buildings and zero-energy buildings
  • For satisfying the required values in the blower door test

The sealing of the joint with blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 requires only one work step and saves both money and time required for the sealing. The pre-compressed blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 has a high resilience and expands automatically. A wider range of joint widths can thus be sealed with one tape size. Component movements are safely absorbed and tears in the joint are avoided.

The blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 can be plastered, bonded and painted over and thus be installed completely hidden. It is suitable for restoration as well as for new construction.

Product benefits:

  • Absolutely airtight, a value = 0.00: Requirement of DIN 18542:2020-04 exceeded
  • Reliably separates indoor and outdoor climates in the joint by means of the LST membrane
  • Watertight against driving rain ≥ 750 Pa – 25 % more protection than required by standards
  • With moisture penetration protection, tested in accordance
  • with new DIN 18542:2020-04 MF 1
  • The connection area remains dry, which improves the insulation capacity
  • Suitable for passive house and zero-energy building standard
  • Complies with the principle of “tighter inside than out”
  • The light grey inner side is ideal for use with modern exposed
  • concrete walls
  • Sealing of a larger joint width with just one tape
  • Optimised roll length, resulting in fewer tape joints and less waste
  • Moisture and temperature-resistant
  • Easy and fast handling with self-adhesion
  • High adhesive strength of the self-adhesive on the standard
  • construction window and door profiles*
  • Flexible – absorbs component movements
  • Assembly possible irrespective of the weather
  • Building material class B1 – difficult to ignite (according to DIN 4102)
  • Joint sealing as per GEG, DIN 18355, DIN 4108
  • Manufactured under an ISO 9001/EN 29001-compliant quality system
  • Tested to be low in pollutants according to EMICODE EC1 Plus

*Carry out suitable pretests.

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Product name PU Item no.

blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 54/4-11 mm

5 x 10 m


blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 54/6-17 mm

7 x 15 m


blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 54/9-24 mm

7 x 10 m



blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 64/4-11 mm

4 x 10 m


blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 64/6-17 mm

6 x 15 m


blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 64/9-24 mm

6 x 10 m



blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 74/4-11 mm

4 x 10 m


blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 74/6-17 mm

5 x 15 m


blaugelb Multifunctional Tape TrioSDL750 74/9-24 mm

5 x 10 m


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special impregnated PUR soft foam with air-stop technology and 3-level design

Building material class:
DIN 4102

B1 (difficult to ignite)

Stress group:
DIN 18542:2020-04

MF 1

Watertightness against driving rain:
DIN EN 1027

≥ 750 Pa

Joint permeability coefficient:
DIN EN 1026

a = 0.00 m³ / [h*m*(daPa)n]

Thermal conductivity nominal value:

DIN EN 12667 | DIN 18542:2020-04

ƛD,10 = 0.052 W/m*K

Joint sound insulation:

up to 58 dB

Resistance to temperature changes:

DIN 18542:2020-04

from -30 °C to +80 °C

Compatibility with adjacent building materials:

DIN 18542:2020-04


Light and weather resistance:

DIN 18542:2020-04



pitch from inside to outside present

U-value with window construction depth
60 / 70 / 80 mm:

DIN 4108-3

U = 0.8 / 0.7 / 0.6 W/(m²*K)

Processing temperature:

+5 °C to +30 °C

Dimension tolerance:
DIN 7715 T5 P3


Storage temperature:

at +1 °C to +20 °C

Storage life:

12 months with dry storage in unopened original packaging, standing upright


anthracite (outside), grey (inside)

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