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1C Gun Foam EcoTech White Plus Class E

blaugelb 1C Gun Foam EcoTech White Plus is a one-component PU filling foam whose next-generation formula enables sustainable insulation.

Due to the low residual content of free isocyanate < 0.1 %, blaugelb 1C Gun Foam EcoTech White Plus offers greater user friendliness when processing. The highest of the 4 quality levels from DGNB is met. blaugelb 1C Gun Foam EcoTech White Plus is also very low-emission, as verified by the EMICODE EC1 Plus certificate. blaugelb 1C Gun Foam EcoTech White Plus is thus predestined for sustainable, health-conscious construction.

The very fine cell structure and pure white colour already distinguish it visually from conventional canned foams. The technical values are also outstanding. Thanks to its excellent sound and thermal insulation, airtightness and user friendliness, it is suitable for use in the façade and the dry construction sector. Its high exit speed makes it fast and effective to use.

Applications: Filling – Insulating – Sealing. In window construction for the backfilling and insulating sealing of connecting joints in windows and roller shutter cases and for the filling of connecting joints of outer door cases (not for assembly without any additional mechanical attachment). For foaming wall recesses, cable runs and other cavities, for roof extensions and roof insulation.

Product benefits:

  • Satisfies the highest level for sustainable construction (DGNB 2018): quality level 4
  • Low-monomer, harmless for users
  • No training necessary for isocyanates
  • Moisture-curing
  • Fast handling
  • Yield up to 24 litres, up to 19 linear metres of window frame (lfm)
  • Can be used at temperatures from +5 °C to +30 °C
  • Outstanding thermal and sound insulation values
  • Moisture and temperature-resistant
  • Very fine cells and rather elastic, durably stable and accommodates movement
  • Non-bonding safety valve allows vertical or horizontal storage without a loss of propellent, with extended storage stability
  • For universal application for filling, insulating and sealing
  • Propellant harmless to the ozone layer
  • Manufactured under an ISO 9001-compliant quality system
  • Suitable for all standard construction surfaces*
  • Building material class B2 (DIN 4102), corresponds to Class E (EN 13501-1)
  • Tested to be low in pollutants according to EMICODE EC1 Plus

*Carry out suitable pretests

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Product name PU Item no.

blaugelb 1C Gun Foam EcoTech White Plus Class E 500 ml, with PDR

12 x 500 ml can


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Density of the released foam:
EN 17333-1.3 dry

Approx. 19 kg/m³

Cell size/consistency:

Predominantly closed


EN 17333-1.2 dry

Approx. 20 min

Can be cut:

EN 17333-3.1 dry

Approx. 95 min

Fully load bearing:

Approx. 12 h (30 mm section)


EN 17333-1.1 dry

Up to 18 lfm


EN 17333-1.2 moist

Up to 24 l

Processing temperature of can:
min / max / ideal

+5 °C / +30 °C / +20 °C

Processing temperature of surface:
min / max / ideal

+5 °C / +30 °C / +20 °C

Processing temperature of surroundings:
min / max / ideal

+5 °C / +30 °C / +20 °C

Elongation at break:
EN 17333-4.2 dry

Approx. 30 %

Elongation at break:

EN 17333-4.2 moist

Approx. 28 %

Shear strength:

EN 17333-4.3 moist

Approx. 55 kPa

Compressive strength at 10 % compression:

EN 17333-4.1 dry

Approx. 20 kPa

Compressive strength at 10 % compression:

EN 17333-4.1 moist

Approx. 20 kPa

Thermal conductivity:

DIN EN 12667:2001

Approx. 0.035 W/(m*K)

Air permeability when new:

a < 0.1 m³ / [h*m*(daPa)²/³]

No measurable air passage

Joint sound insulation:

Tested joint sound insulation
10 mm: [RS,w (C;Ctr) ≥ 64 (-1;-5) dB]

20 mm: [RS,w (C;Ctr) ≥ 64 (-1;-4) dB]

Temperature resistance cured:

-40 °C to +60 °C

Building material class:
DIN 4102-1

B2 (normal combustibility)

Storage life:
with dry, cool storage

18 months, vertical and horizontal

Valve type:

Safety valve



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