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FLK Primer Liquid

The blaugelb FLK Primer Liquid is used as primer and repair primer for the repair, attachment and activation with subsequent direct application of the blaugelb FLK Liquid on the same material without sanding. Only for use in combination with blaugelb FLK Liquid and blaugelb FLK Liquid Corner.

Up to an age of 100 days, the unsanded surface layer can be treated directly with the blaugelb FLK Primer Liquid. With older layers, a situation-specific check must be performed.

Thanks to its rapid drying, the blaugelb FLK Primer Liquid can be coated over quickly. The blaugelb FLK Primer Liquid can easily be applied with a brush or roller and can be quickly and easily spread. Safe adhesion of the repair layer can thus be established on the original surface layer.

Product benefits:

  • 1C product, ready for use, very good processability
  • Adhesive agent specifically for repair of the surface layer of blaugelb FLK Liquid and blaugelb FLK Liquid Corner
  • Universal adhesion optimisation
  • Small amount required, very efficient
  • Rapid drying
  • Easily dosed
  • Specially tailored to blaugelb FLK Liquid and blaugelb FLK Liquid Corner

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Artikelname VE Art-Nr.
blaugelb FLK Primer Liquid 0,5 l bottle 9143744

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Processing temperature:
(substrate and surroundings)
+5 °C to +30 °C
Substrates: blaugelb FLK Liquid,
blaugelb FLK Liquid Corner
Material consumption: Approx. 0.10 kg/m² on a flat, smooth surface
Can be coated over after: Approx. 25 minutes at 20 °C
Colour: Orange-brown

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