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FLK Quartz Sand

The blaugelb FLK Quartz Sand is a high-quality spreading material for sanding surfaces that are sealed with blaugelb FLK Liquid and blaugelb FLK Liquid Corner.

The blaugelb FLK Quartz Sand is used so that subsequent work can be attached to the created seal without any trouble. These encounter an ideal adhesive primer for additional coatings. The coatings can “sink their claws” into the rough surface structure of the blaugelb FLK Quartz Sand and thus establish good adhesion and impermeability.

Sanding is thus the last step in the sequence of work steps: Attachment to the existing building waterproofing – sealing of the connecting joint – preparation for subsequent work. The construction site is left in the ideal condition and smooth further processing is enabled.

Product benefits:

  • Ready for use, very simple processability
  • Application possible by hand or with a suitable gun
  • Selected grain size
  • High quality

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Product name PU Item no.
blaugelb FLK Quartz Sand 25 kg 25 kg bag 9143749

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Material: Quartz sand
Grain size: 0.71 – 1.25 mm
Colour: Beige

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