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FLK Non-Woven

The blaugelb FLK Non-Woven made of polyester fibres is used as an aid for building up the coating thicknesses of the liquid plastic with the blaugelb FLK Sealing System if it is used in surface sealing in accordance with ETA, DIN 18531, DIN 18533 and the flat roof guideline. Only for use in combination with blaugelb FLK Liquid and blaugelb FLK Liquid Corner.

The widths of the non-woven rolls are measured to be easy to process so that they can be quickly and easily used. The pre-formed corners allow even angled areas to be easily covered. The soft non-woven can be easily written on for noting important dimensions and markings.

Product benefits:

  • Ready-to-use
  • Easily cut to size
  • Grammage 110 g/m² according to DIN 18531-2:2017-07
  • Universal use
  • High-yield roll size in the appropriate widths, ideal for larger areas
  • User-friendly pre-formed corner pieces for inner and outer corners
  • High tear resistance
  • Stabilises and ensures the coating thickness build-up
  • Specially tailored to the other products from the FLK Sealing System
  • Suitable for standard construction surfaces*

* See “Substrate preparation” list, carry out suitable pretests

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Artikelname VE Art-Nr.

blaugelb FLK Non-Woven 26

50 m roll


blaugelb FLK Non-Woven 35

50 m roll


blaugelb FLK Non-Woven 52

50 m roll



blaugelb FLK Inner Non-Woven Corner 15x8x15 cm

20 piece


blaugelb FLK Outer Non-Woven Corner 16x8x16 cm

20 piece


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Processing temperature:
(substrate and surroundings)

+5 °C to +40 °C


Construction substrates, blaugelb FLK Liquid and blaugelb FLK Liquid Corner


110 g/m²



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