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Insulation Panel EPS

The blaugelb Insulation Panel EPS is made from a highly compacted EPS (expanded polystyrene) and offers the best possible heat and moisture protection in the vicinity of windows and façades. A major area of application of the blaugelb Insulation Panel EPS is meeting the high requirements placed on passive houses, low-energy houses and heating system renovation. The blaugelb insulation panels allow consistent and homogeneous insulation to be achieved, ensuring that no valuable heating energy is lost. This external insulation keeps the heat inside the room. Insulating the outside ensures that heat is retained in the masonry, exploiting the storage capacity of the blaugelb Insulation Panel EPS material.

The blaugelb insulation panels can be fastened mechanically. To eliminate thermal bridges, the panels can be mounted on a steel girder using the blaugelb Hybrid Polymer Power Fix, among others. The blaugelb Insulation Panels EPS are absolutely insensitive to moisture, so houses insulated with blaugelb Insulation Panels EPS are not at risk from mould. The more a house is insulated, the greater is the surface temperature on the inside of the outer walls and the less is the danger of condensation and mould forming. The high-density EPS material does not provide a growth medium for mould fungi, does not rot and retains its properties over the long term.



  • In the vicinity of windows and façades with high requirements on strength, pressure resistance and insulating properties
  • Insulation of windows and door connections (e.g. steel girders,
  • concrete supports)
  • Insulation of critical areas (e.g. in wood-aluminium, aluminium and PVC systems)
  • Floor recess profile for special structures with high load transfer
  • (e.g. doors and lift-and-slide systems)
  • Insulation of panels
  • Load-transferring jamb extension for the mounting of sealing systems for proper window connections with the positive insulation properties and increased compressive strength so that the connection materials can function
  • Cladding substructures of heavy lift-and-slide door systems
  • Roller shutter, Venetian blind and external blind construction

Product benefits:

  • 100 % recyclable
  • 100 % HCFC, HFC and HBCD-free
  • High-density (expanded) polystyrene
  • High ductility
  • Enables sustainable construction thanks to reversibility of window sealing and fastening when renovating
  • blaugelb insulation panels are easy to machine/saw with a jigsaw or mitre saw (coarse longitudinal-cut blade)
  • Can be cut to size precisely with little dust
  • Low weight, high pressure resistance and high screw withdrawal values
  • High inherent stability and flexural strength
  • Does not produce fine dust harmful to the lungs when being
  • processed (e.g. compared with mineral wool)
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to process
  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Tested to be low in pollutants according to EMICODE EC1 Plus
  • This product is Cradle to Cradle Certified® at the Silver level

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Product name PU Item no.

blaugelb Insulation Panel EPS 20 x 600 x 1200 mm

44 piece


blaugelb Insulation Panel EPS 30 x 600 x 1200 mm

30 piece


blaugelb Insulation Panel EPS 35 x 600 x 1200 mm

27 piece


blaugelb Insulation Panel EPS 40 x 600 x 1200 mm

24 piece


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High-density EPS (expanded polystyrene), high ductility



Compressive load bearing capacity at max. total deformation of 2 %:

1,260 kg/dm²

Compressive load bearing capacity at 60 x 40 mm:
(blaugelb Spacer Block)

5,800 N

Compressive load bearing capacity at 210 x 53 mm:
(blaugelb Shim Block HST)

15,510 N

Fire behaviour:

DIN 4102-1:1998-05 / DIN EN 13501-1:2019-05

B2 / Class E

Thermal conductivity nominal value ƛ10:
DIN EN 12667:2001-05

0.0403 W/m*k

Air permeability:

EN 12207

Class 4

Water vapour diffusion resistance:

DIN EN ISO 12086

228 µ

Airborne sound insulation:

DIN EN ISO 717-1

(with an area of 0.8 m²)

30 mm: Rw 28.0 dB ± 1.2 dB

40 mm: Rw 28.5 dB ± 1.2 dB

Bending strength:

DIN EN 12089

≥ 2,190 kPa

Compression stress (2 %) compression:

DIN EN DIN EN 13163:2017 / EN 826:2013-05

≥ 1,435 kPa

Shear strength:
DIN EN ISO 14130

0.217 N/mm2

Dimensional strength:

DIN ISO 75-1

Short-term up to +95 °C
Long-term up to +85 °C

Dimensional stability:
DIN EN 13163:2015-04

Very high, including outdoor weathering

Water absorption after 28 days under water:
DIN 12087

≤ 0.5 vol. %

Screw withdrawal values:

blaugelb Frame Screw Fix FK-T30 7.5 x 42 mm

sfs window sill screw 4.5 x 35 mm

FRK AZ 1,200 N

FRK AZ 510 N

Compatibility with conventional building materials:

Compatible, except for solvents, solvent-bearing materials and materials that are not polystyrene-compatible

Ageing resistance:

Mould-proof, does not rot

Waste code:

Code no. 170604
Code no. 170904

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