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The blaugelb Protect fastening system is a simple but adjustable fastening for wood, plastic and aluminium windows which can be fitted around the edges at any required attachment point.

The required attachment points of the construction elements and their spacing to one another is guided by the general fitting guidelines (e.g. current RAL “Installation Guidelines, Chapter 5”), taking account of the window weights and, if applicable, the anticipated additional loads.

The blaugelb Protect fastening system lies flush with the window soffit, allowing high horizontal or vertical forces to be transferred to the anchoring base. blaugelb Protect is an invisible fastening with the sash open and can even be pre-mounted in the factory. The variable perforation pattern allows for rule-compliant fastening with the necessary edge spacing to the load-bearing edge of the anchoring base. This screw fastening can optionally be executed using a blaugelb frame fixing screw or a building control-
approved fastening.
The window position and thus the installation joint width is adapted flexibly to the actual installation situation via the system-integrated, pivotable adjustment screw.

Extensive tests show that blaugelb Protect also satisfies the requirements for safety-relevant attachment points (e.g. for fall arrester building elements, ETB guideline “Components providing fall arrest protection”). There is a safe load transfer to the anchoring base.

After hanging the sash panel, it is possible to re-adjust it for millimetre accuracy (as required) on any blaugelb Protect system. The sealing to windows or doors is not obstructed, and can be freely-selected in accordance with the respective mounting situation. Combination with multifunctional tape is also possible, because it is possible to dispense with the typical spacing blocks to the sides, without risking any loss of
support capacity.

Tested characteristics:
  • Fall arrest in accordance with the general appraisal certificate (AbP)
  • Fall arrest in accordance with the ETB guideline
    “Components providing fall arrest protection”
  • Horizontal rated values of the horizontal load resistance,
    rated value of the load resistance
    FH a-i, Rd = (from the outside inwards from wind suction, railing loads)
    FH i-a, Rd = (from the inside outwards from wind suction, railing loads)
  • Verification of suitability for RC 2 provided
  • Vertical load introduction


    Product benefits:

    • With the screw offset, blaugelb Protect can also be inserted turned to the outside
    • Adjust easily and fasten securely
    • For securing RC 2 tested elements
    • Adjustable, and therefore variable in joint widths
    • Fastenings permanently suitable for use
    • Secure fastening, even with high element weights
    • Compliant displacement of anchoring plane away from the at-risk edge area of the anchoring base
    • Ideally suited for use in combination with multifunctional tape
    • No side spacing blocks required
    • Tested for fastening of fall arrester elements
    • Invisible fastening with the sash open
    • Ideal fastening for fixed glazed elements (without removing window glass)
    • Perforation optionally for frame fixing screw or dowel system installation
    • Can be pre-mounted in the factory
    • Can be used up to a free wall-plug length of 45 mm
    • Static rated resistances to suction/pressure
    • Vertical load introduction
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    blaugelb Protect Offset Adjusting Screw 100/35 mm

    50 pieces


    blaugelb Protect Offset Adjusting Screw 100/50 mm

    50 pieces


    blaugelb Protect Offset Adjusting Screw 100/70 mm

    30 pieces


    blaugelb Protect Offset Adjusting Screw 100/90 mm

    30 pieces


    blaugelb Protect Offset Adjusting Screw 150/35 mm

    50 pieces


    blaugelb Protect Offset Adjusting Screw 150/50 mm

    50 pieces


    blaugelb Protect Offset Adjusting Screw 150/70 mm

    30 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 150/35 mm

    50 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 150/50 mm

    50 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 150/70 mm

    50 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 150/90 mm

    50 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 150/without adjusting screw

    50 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 220/35 mm

    25 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 220/50 mm

    25 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 220/70 mm

    25 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 220/90 mm

    25 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 280/35 mm

    25 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 280/50 mm

    25 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 280/70 mm

    25 pieces


    blaugelb Protect 280/90 mm

    25 pieces


    blaugelb Protect WAF 13 mm spanner

    1 piece


    blaugelb Frame Screw Fix FK-T30 7.5x42 mm galv.

    100 pieces


    blaugelb Frame Screw Fix FK-T30 7.5x62 mm galv.

    100 pieces


    blaugelb Frame Screw Fix FK-T30 7.5x132 mm galv.

    100 pieces


    blaugelb Frame Screw Fix FK-T30 7.5x182 mm galv.

    100 pieces


    blaugelb Frame Screw Fix FK-T30 7.5x212 mm galv.

    100 pieces


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    white galvanised strip steel


    2.5 x 30 x 100 mm

    2.5 x 30 x 150 mm

    2.5 x 30 x 220 mm

    2.5 x 30 x 280 mm

    Hole diameter:

    8.05 mm for fastening using blaugelb Frame screw Fix FK-T30

    10.5 mm for fastening using a dowel system dia. 10 mm

    Longitudinal perforation length:

    25 mm

    Adjusting screw:

    integrated, pivotable

    7.5 x 35/50/70/90 mm T30, white galvanised

    with tightened hexagonal nut


    using the tightened hexagon nut with blaugelb WAF 13 mm spanner (not included in scope of delivery)

    Fastening to building structure:

    blaugelb Frame screw Fix FK-T30 x L


    dowel system dia. 10 mm

    Preliminary drilled hole in window frame:

    dia. 5 mm blind hole, facing the installation joint

    Reinforcement in window frame (plastic):

    at least 1.5 mm, screw-fastening of reinforcement as per profile system specifications

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