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Threshold TBS

The blaugelb Threshold TBS is made from high-grade anodised aluminium E6/C-0 (EV1) and highly shock-resistant, UV-resistant plastic. The cover is made from riffled plastic that exhibits an anti-slip effect. The blaugelb Threshold TBS is designed for PVC, wood, wood-metal, metal, balcony and house doors as well as for single and double-rabbet, inward and outward-opening doors. In conjunction with the system components, the outstanding thermal insulation properties and watertightness to driving rain are complemented by increased intrusion protection and durability, with the result that the blaugelb Threshold TBS with an overall height of 20 mm meets the requirements for barrier-free design as per DIN 18040. With its attractive design and concealed screws, it is a perfect solution for planning and integrating modern window systems.

Product benefits:

  • Barrier-free building according to DIN 18040
  • Outstanding thermal insulation properties and watertightness to driving rain
  • Improved intrusion protection and increased safety for door/entrance area
  • Isothermal characteristic, conforming to DIN 4108-4
  • Perfectly coordinated architecture of the blaugelb Threshold TBS
  • Stable, flush insertion of the closing plates of all tip-and-tilt
  • manufacturers with no additional processing of the threshold
  • Highly shock-proof, UV-resistant plastic

Advantages of coping:

  • Higher stability of connection
  • No breakage of mounts in transit and due to cold (frost)
  • Higher torsional rigidity of the frame thanks to the aluminium bar of the threshold architecture and coped connection with window frame
  • Precision fit
  • No frame mounts, no post mounts now needed for each system
  • Attractive design
  • Versatile to use
  • Suitable for all profile systems and materials
  • Low-cost coping for thresholds, for a safe and permanent connection even of high construction depths


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Product namePUItem no.

blaugelb Threshold TBS70 incl. cover

6 m


blaugelb Threshold TBS75 incl. cover

6 m


blaugelb Threshold TBS80 incl. cover

6 m


blaugelb Threshold TBS85 incl. cover

6 m


blaugelb Threshold TBS90 III incl. cover

6 m


blaugelb Threshold TBS100 incl. cover

6 m


blaugelb Threshold TBS120 incl. cover

6 m


blaugelb Threshold TBS140 incl. cover

6 m


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Material of Threshold TBS:

thermally separate material

Anodised aluminium E6/C-0 (EV1) / PVC

Material of cover:

Highly shock-proof, UV-resistant plastic

Construction depths:

70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 mm

Threshold height:

20 mm


DIN 18040


Certified to:

ift Rosenheim

QM 340

Temperature factor fRSI value:

(with blaugelb Plinth Thermal Insulation Profile)

≥ 0.7 (no possibility of mould formation on surface)

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