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blaugelb Weatherboarding AD (outer seal) 0, I, II, III and IV and MD (middle seal) II, III, IV and V from extruded anodised aluminium EV1 (E6/C-0) suitable for a door or window element.

Thanks to its design, the blaugelb Weatherboarding prevents water penetration even if there is an elevated pressure difference between outside and inside. Using the blaugelb Weatherboarding on a sash profile for a door or window element acting in conjunction with a threshold element makes it possible to achieve a contactless, no-wear seal. The airflow penetrating from outside between the sash profile and the weatherboarding on the one hand and the threshold structure on the other hand is disrupted at the inner web of the weatherboarding. This reduces the inward airflow, with the result that less moisture passes into the interior. blaugelb Weatherboarding can be selected with between 3 and a maximum of 6 seating grooves for the optimum position of the blaugelb Brush Seal.

Suitable endcaps:
The blaugelb Endcaps made of plastic have a design and shape that
visually matches the weatherboarding, and can be optimally positioned thanks to the severable locating pins and weather-resistant stainless steel screws (A2 4x20 mm, included in delivery specification). When the sash frame construction is in transit, the endcaps do not break off if it is set down on the corners.

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Product name PU Item no.

blaugelb Weatherboarding AD 0

6 m


blaugelb Weatherboarding AD I

6 m


blaugelb Weatherboarding AD II

6 m


blaugelb Weatherboarding AD III

6 m


blaugelb Weatherboarding AD IV

6 m


blaugelb Pair of Endcaps AD 0 - IV 50 pairs 0416857

blaugelb Weatherboarding MD II

6 m


blaugelb Weatherboarding MD III

6 m


blaugelb Weatherboarding MD IV

6 m


blaugelb Weatherboarding MD V

6 m


blaugelb Pair of Endcaps MD II - IV 50 pairs 0416858
blaugelb Pair of Endcaps MD V 50 pairs 0416859

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