The blaugelb Triotherm+ System

With the blaugelb Triotherm+ system, you are free to choose the type of seal that is used, although this choice should always be made on a professional basis.


The treshold system of blaugelb

Accessible, disability-adapted planning, construction and housing with the blaugelb treshold system TBS.

System solutions from blaugelb

At a time when awareness of our environment and how we manage it is increasingly becoming a central issue and when directives are becoming increasingly complex, in every building project energy-efficient construction needs to be examined with the utmost scrutiny to obtain a convincing final outcome. While a sound project is worth a great deal, several products which have been harmonised and tested come together to create a valuable system. The advantages of these systems are not to be dismissed - they save time, effort and therefore cost as well. Along with you, we're tackling the ever increasing demands of the market and developing the right solutions for you by applying our inquisitive and professional approach.

Once you dispense with the interplay of individual components and elaborate preliminary tests in the run-up to the project, tested and harmonised systems deliver other benefits for you as well. By using the individual system components of a tried and tested system, added value can be created on a daily basis in all aspects of windows and doors.

Discover blaugelb's system solutions and let us provide you with professional, expert and technical advice.


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