All system products at a glance

Here you will find an overview of the system components from the blaugelb FLK Sealing System, our cross-discipline solution for sealing in the floor-level range.

blaugelb FLK Sealing System

Our solution for sealing construction elements for the waterproofing of buildings

The blaugelb FLK Sealing System was developed specifically for the cross-discipline sealing of the lower connection of floor-level construction elements to wall components.

The substances used here must be compatible with the existing waterproofing layer and the penetration of water and the ingress behind the waterproofing layers must be prevented.

With proper application of the blaugelb FLK Sealing System, the builder or processor is ensured the safety of a tested solution that is certifiable by the building inspectorate and is an integrated system. The function of the system and its conformity with the requirements under the building code for materials and execution were tested and confirmed by the Braunschweig Civil Engineering Materials Testing Institute.


The blaugelb FLK Sealing System is compatible with:

  • the blaugelb Triotherm+ system
  • blaugelb All-In-One Connection System
  • blaugelb Threshold System
  • blaugelb sealing products for the connecting joint


Detailed processing instructions can be found here.