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The tested blaugelb Protect fastening system with all its values.

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blaugelb Protect fastening system

The tested blaugelb Protect fastening system enables building components to be attached adjustably, without the use of wedges and with craftsmanship quality. It also meets safety-relevant requirements.

The blaugelb Protect fastening system can be combined with all sealing systems.



  • Adjusts easily and fastens securely

  • Adjustable, and therefore variable in joint widths

  • Fastenings permanently suitable for use

  • Secure fastening, even with high element weights

  • Compliant displacement of anchoring plane away from the at-risk edge area of the anchoring base

  • Ideally suited for use in combination with multifunctional tape

  • No side spacing blocks required

  • Tested for fastening of fall arrester elements

  • Invisible fastening with the sash open

  • Ideal fastening for fixed glazed elements (without removing window glass)

  • Perforation optionally for frame fixing screw or dowel system installation

  • Can be pre-mounted in the factory