blaugelb Treshold TBS

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Accessible, disability-adapted planning, construction and housing.

blaugelb Treshold system TBS

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blaugelb TBS Threshold system for all frame materials and door types - the optimum solution

Accessible, disability-adapted planning, construction and housing

The German standard for the construction of accessible buildings (DIN 18040) requires doors to be essentially free of thresholds: "Fittings and thresholds at the foot of the door are not permitted"; however, it allows for one exception: "If these are essential for technical reasons, they must not be higher than 2 cm." The accessible threshold solution for balcony and front doors in new builds and renovation projects specially designed for frame materials of PVC, timber (single and double rabbet), wood to metal and metal.

Using blaugelb system components for the blaugelb Threshold TBS as an optimum ancillary range increases the added value of the blaugelb TBS Threshold system:


  • DIN 18040-compliant accessible construction of buildings related to new builds and refurbishment projects
  • Outstanding heat-insulating properties and resistant to driving rain, suitable for front doors and window doors with turn-only and tilt-and-turn functions with 9 and 13 mm centre-spacing
  • Improved anti-intruder protection and increased safety for the door/entrance area
  • Isothermal characteristic, conforms to DIN 4108-4
  • Perfectly coordinated architecture of the blaugelb Threshold TBS
  • Closing plates of all turn-and-tilt manufacturers can be inserted flush and with a robust fit without the need for additional work on the threshold
  • Highly shock-proof, UV-resistant plastic
  • Convenient
  • Suitable for different plinth thermal insulation profiles, e.g. blaugelb SDP PVC/EPS and blaugelb SDP EPS
  • Choice of different weatherboarding systems
  • For using various types of seals, for front doors in particular
  • Threshold and jamb joints with coping (system-related mount available as an option)