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Assembly bracket

The attachment of window elements is subject to stringent requirements with regard to the transmission of forces from wind loads, dead weights of the construction elements and useful loads to special loads. It must be possible to statically measure the connections of the fixing and connecting means to be used in respect of the building’s specific requirements. See “RAL LZM chap. 5” (as at 03/2014). This requirement under the recognised state of the art also applies for blaugelb Assembly brackets in their many different applications.


  • Force-transmitting attachment facing inwards
  • Force-transmitting attachment facing outwards
  • Transmission of vertical and horizontal forces in the window plane
  • Transmission of horizontal forces perpendicular to the window plane
  • Secure element attachment in new buildings and renovations

Note: Linked profiles (e.g. upper/lower window frame extensions) have the static effect of a joint. To counteract this, a load-bearing “counter bearing”
must be created when mounting. See also the requirements under
“RAL LZM chap. 5” and mounting instructions provided by window profile system and roller blind suppliers.

Product benefits:

  • Various hole diameters for receiving screw/dowel systems in a variety of anchor bases/solid wall materials
  • Offset hole pattern gives high flexibility for attachment points in
  • construction elements/building structures
  • End-to-end configuration of the hole pattern allows the required edge distances of the screw fasteners in the wall material to be observed at all times
  • Slots for adjusting the connecting means in two planes and
  • for accommodating structural tolerances
  • High corrosion protection
  • Extensive test series permit static measurement serving as evidence of anchoring
  • Brackets are available with various shank lengths, allowing a wide spectrum of use
  • Brackets can be used on both sides to suit the particular construction situation
  • Factory profiling of the brackets allows high force absorption and resistance to deformation
  • Adjust easily and fasten securely
  • Secure fastening, even with high element weights
  • Tested for fastening of fall arrester elements
  • Offset hole pattern in both 8.0 mm and 10.5 mm, ensuring that
  • the screw connection does not meet the steel reinforcement
  • Slots for fixing and alignment
  • Slots for fixing and alignment in vertical and horizontal direction
  • Easy to mould the sealing sheets

Tested characteristics:

  • ETB guideline: 1985 and DIN 4103-1: 2015 in ensemble
        - blaugelb Plinth Thermal Insulation Profiles IHP/EPS
        - blaugelb Plinth Thermal Insulation Profiles PVC/EPS
        - blaugelb Plinth Thermal Insulation Profiles EPS
        - blaugelb Assembly bracket
        - blaugelb Frame screw Fix FK-T30
        - full-length element installation situation – window frame wood, PVC, aluminium
        - full-length element installation situation – threshold systems
        - full-length element installation situation – lifting/sliding door systems
  • Horizontal load introduction
  • Static rated resistances to suction/pressure


Product namePUItem no.

blaugelb Assembly bracket 40 x 60 mm

100 piece


blaugelb Assembly bracket 80 x 100 mm

50 piece


blaugelb Assembly bracket 156.5 x 100 mm

40 piece


blaugelb Assembly bracket 200 x 100 mm

25 piece


blaugelb Assembly bracket 240 x 100 mm

25 piece


blaugelb Frame screw Fix FK-T30 7.5 x 42 mm galv.

100 piece


blaugelb Frame screw Fix FK-T30 7.5 x 62 mm galv.

100 piece


Please choose a download:


cold-rolled DC01-A-m



Material thickness:

2 mm

Total thickness of assembly bracket:

10.8 mm


40, 80, 156.5, 200, 240 mm

Packing unit:

25, 40, 50 or 100 pieces


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