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Triotherm+ profiles

A major area of application of the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles is for extending the masonry jamb in the insulating layer of the facade, as the load-bearing, dimensionally stable installation surface for the assembly parts to be fitted. The blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles can introduce the resulting forces reliably into the load-bearing structure via the mechanical fastening. The permanently dimensionally stable blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles always form a level plane for the regulation-compliant sealing of connecting joints between construction elements.

blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles made from a high-density EPS (expanded polystyrene) are one of the three system components of the blaugelb Triotherm+ system. The robust, hard-wearing profiles exhibit load-bearing capacity, can be fitted to the load-bearing structure quickly and easily, and offer thermally isolated load transfer – thermal bridges from the structurally necessary fastening of construction elements are reduced to a minimum. The blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles can be integrated perfectly into the insulating zones of all facade systems.

The waste-free joining of the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles brings clear advantages for the fitter by virtue of the extruded, positive-locking dovetail design. Thanks to their low weight and compact dimensions, the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles are unbeatably quick and straightforward to process. Expert sealing and mechanical fastening of the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles to the load-bearing base is necessary, but takes only a few minutes.

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Product benefits:

  • Stable dimensions and volume
  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Resistant to ageing
  • 100 % recyclable
  • 100 % HCFC and HFC-free
  • HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane)-free
  • High-density (expanded) polystyrene
  • High ductility
  • Thanks to 100 % reversibility of window fastening for renovation, makes a major contribution to sustainable building
  • CE mark explanation: EPS-EN 13163-L2-W2-TS-S2-P4-DS(N)2-DS(70,-)3-DLT(1)5-CS(10)2500-BS650
  • Time savings thanks to few working steps and swift combination with the system components
  • Profiles easy to process/cut with jigsaw (e.g. saw blade 4.5.2 Bosch, item number 60863004027) or mitre saw (coarse longitudinal-cut
  • saw blade)
  • Can be cut to shape precisely and with minimal dust
  • Infinitely extensible by dovetailing
        - Very good fit of the dovetail joint
        - High level of joint stability
        - Waste-free processing
  • Profiles exhibit a very low weight and compact dimensions
        - Advantage for transporting to/on construction site
        - Advantage for handling
  • Window frames can be screwed on without pre-drilling of the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles
  • Waffle structure increases the adhesion of the seal between the base and the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles
  • Production process constantly maintains very high dimensional
  • accuracy and geometrical accuracy of the blaugelb Triotherm+ profiles
        - Always straight
        - Always level sealing flanks
  • High inherent stability and flexural strength, high ductility
  • Airtight, connection between profile and base is verified by technical tests
  • Absorption of high building tolerances flush with windows is verified by technical tests
  • Reduces thermal bridges in the mounting plane of the assembly parts


Product namePUItem no..
blaugelb Triotherm+ profile 70x85x1175 mmBundle of 9 pcs.0420838
blaugelb Triotherm+ profile 100x85x1175 mmBundle of 6 pcs.0425988
blaugelb Triotherm+ profile 120x85x1175 mmBundle of 6 pcs.0420839
blaugelb Triotherm+ profile 140x85x1175 mmBundle of 6 pcs.9035238
blaugelb Triotherm+ profile 160x85x1175 mmBundle of 6 pcs.0420840
blaugelb Triotherm+ profile 180x85x1175 mmBundle of 3 pcs.9035239
blaugelb Triotherm+ profile 200x85x1175 mmBundle of 3 pcs.9021633
blaugelb Triotherm+ profile 230x85x1175 mmBundle of 2 pcs.9021632

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Material:High-density EPS (expanded
polystyrene), high ductility
Pressure load capacity (max. deformation):1260 kg/dm²
Pressure load capacity 60 x 40 mm:
(blaugelb Spacer block)
5,800 N
Pressure load capacity 210 x 53 mm:
(blaugelb Shim block HST)
15,510 N
Fire behaviour:
DIN EN 13501-1
Class E
Thermal conductivity Nominal value λD:
DIN EN 12667

ƛ = 0.041 W/m*K

Air permeability:
EN 12207
Class 4
Water vapour diffusion resistance:
DIN EN ISO 12572
30 - 55 μ
Flexural strength:
DIN EN 12089
≥ 650 kPa
Compression stress (10 %) compression:
DIN EN 13163:2015-04
≥ 2,500 kPa
Shear strength:
DIN EN ISO 14130
≥ 1,100 kPa
Shear strength:
DIN EN ISO 14130
0.217 N/mm2
Dimensional strength:
DIN ISO 75-1
Short-term up to +95 °C
Long-term up to +85 °C
Dimensional stability:
DIN EN 13163:2015-04
Very high, including outdoor weathering
Water absorption after 28 days under water:
DIN 12087
≤ 1.5 Vol-%
Compatibility with conventional building materials:Compatible, except for solvents, solvent-bearing materials and materials that are not polystyrene-compatible
Ageing resistance:Mould-proof, does not rot
Waste code:Code no. 170604
Code no. 170904

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