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Radio Receiver

The blaugelb Radio Receiver with a transmission power of 10 MW is used to control blaugelb Roller Shutter Motors for roller shutters, awnings and comparable applications with short operating times. It works reliably and is robust. The application is intended for dry environments.

With the blaugelb Radio Receiver 10 MW in combination with a blaugelb Radio Hand-Held/Wall Mounted Transmitter, a blaugelb Roller Shutter Motor COMFORT or ELECTRONIC that is already installed can be quickly and easily retrofitted with wireless capability. The mechanical installation, the electrical connection and even the programming are very simple and fast.

The blaugelb Radio Receiver comes with a two-year warranty.

Product benefits:

  • Clever retrofit solution for already installed roller shutter motors
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Increases the ease of controlling the roller shutter
  • Durable and reliable
We recommend the following accessories for the blaugelb Radio Receiver:
  • blaugelb Radio Hand-Held Transmitter, item no. 9084801
  • blaugelb Radio Hand-Held Transmitter 15, item no. 9084802
  • blaugelb Radio Hand-Held Transmitter MULTI, item no. 9084803
  • blaugelb Radio Wall Mounted Transmitter, item no. 9084804
  • blaugelb Radio Wall Mounted Transmitter 15, item no. 9084805
  • blaugelb Radio Wall Mounted MULTI, item no. 9084806

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Product namePUItem no.

blaugelb Radio Receiver 10 MW

1 piece


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Nominal voltage:

230 V/50 Hz

Radio frequency:

433.92 MHz

Operating temperature:

-10 °C to +70 °C

Protection class:



Terminal strip


115 x 35 x 20 mm


Approx. 200 m (in open space)

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