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The blaugelb PVC-Adhesive forms constructional connections by means of solvent welding of rigid PVC materials in plastic window construction. The blaugelb PVC-Adhesive rapidly and reliably welds all kinds of rigid PVC parts, and particularly profile material such as drain gutters, baffle strips, weatherboarding and roller shutter parts. It is also especially suitable for bonding ABS (pipes, panels, injection moulded parts) and ASA. Not suitable for PMMA and acrylic surfaces.

The thixotrope properties of the blaugelb PVC-Adhesive makes work on vertical substrates easier because it does not run or drip off. Because it does not contain tetrahydrofuran (THF), classified as a suspected carcinogen, in the solvents, the blaugelb PVC-Adhesive helps to improve health protection.

The innovative additive SORBEX®9 imparts more weather protection. It makes the blaugelb PVC-Adhesive especially light-fast and weatherproof. UV resistance is tested by means of the xenon test to DIN 53387.
After curing, the blaugelb PVC-Adhesive forms a tough but flexible adhesive join which in effect welds together the parts to be bonded.

Product benefits:

  • Very good processability
  • Moisture and temperature-resistant
  • Weather and UV-resistant
  • Non-yellowing
  • Forms a weld with a tough but flexible adhesive join
  • Good chemical resistance

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Product name PU Item no.
blaugelb PVC-Adhesive colourless 180 g/200 ml 50 tubes 9017100
blaugelb PVC-Adhesive white 180 g/200 ml 50 tubes 9017101

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Material base:

Polymers of vinyl chloride in dissolved form


Colourless, white




Approx. 0.91 kg/l


Approx. 250-400 g/m2 surface application


Tough but flexible when cured

UV resistance:

DIN 53387

Confirmed by xenon test

Chemical resistance:

highly resistant to water, alcohol, oils, petrol, diluted bases and acids

Resistance to yellowing:

Non-yellowing after weathering action 
for over 40 hours

No change in colour whatsoever at 
exposure to temperatures of up to +75°C

Temperature resistance:

From -25°C to +90°C

Processing temperature:

+15° to +25°C

Hazard class:

A I acc. to German regulation concerning inflammable liquids

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