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Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600

The blaugelb multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 is a pre-compressed 3-level sealing tape based on a special impregnated PU foam. The abbreviation SDL600 stands for its properties:

  • Watertight against driving rain over 600 Pa and weather-resistant (BG 1 tested) on the outside
  • Insulation against sound and heat in the functional level
  • Airtight and forms a barrier against vapour on the room side
    (BG-R tested)  

Due to its special properties, it is used for sealing of the three levels of connecting and expansion joints for windows and doors. The year-round drying of the joint according to EnEV and DIN 4108-3 is ensured here and confirmed by the ift Rosenheim Institute. The permanent functional capacity was verified in a component inspection according to ift guideline MO-01 / 1 : 2007-01. The assembly can be performed irrespective of the weather. Because the sealing of the joint with blaugelb multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 only requires one step, it offers considerable potential savings in terms of the money and time required for the sealing. Affix the blaugelb multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 on the window profile using the factory-side self-adhesive and press it on. Always tamp down the corners and ends of the tape. Always add a tape reserve of approx. 15 mm. The grey impregnated side of the tape must be installed facing the room side.

The self-adhesive has an outstanding adhesion on commercially available window profiles. The pre-compressed blaugelb multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 has a high resilience and expands automatically to the exiting joint widths. With just a few tape dimensions, different joint tolerances can thus be compensated. Component movements are safely absorbed and tears in the joint are avoided. The blaugelb multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 can be plastered and painted over and thus be installed completely hidden. It is suitable for restoration as well as for new construction.

Product benefits:

  • Only 1 product and only 1 assembly step for the sealing of all 3 levels
  • Sealing that is watertight against driving rain over 600 Pa and open to vapour diffusion for the outer level
  • Sound and thermal insulation in the centre level
  • Airtight and forms a barrier against vapour in the inner level according to BG R
  • Component inspection according to ift guideline MO-01 / 1 : 2007-01
  • BG 1 tested according to DIN 18542
  • Moisture and temperature resistant
  • Simple and fast handling with a self-adhesive strip, saves time and money
  • High adhesive strength of the self-adhesive on the standard construction window and door profiles*
  • Flexible, absorbs component movements
  • High resilience, different joint widths are covered with a few tape
  • dimensions
  • Assembly possible irrespective of the weather
  • Building material class B1 – difficult to ignite (according to DIN 4102)
  • Joint sealing as per EnEV, DIN 18355
  • Joint sealing compliant with Leitfaden zur Planung und Ausführung der Montage von Fenstern und Haustüren für Neubau und Renovierung [Guideline for Planning and Implementation of Installation of Windows and Entry Doors for New Construction and Refurbishment]
  • Manufactured under an ISO 9001/EN 29001-compliant quality system
  • Tested to be low in pollutants according to EMICODE EC1 Plus

*Carry out suitable pretests.

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Product name PU Item no.
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 30/6-15 10 x 15 m 0424606
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 35/6-15 8 x 15 m 0424607
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 40/6-15 7 x 15 m 0424608
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 54/6-15 7 x 15 m 0418782
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 64/6-15 6 x 15 m 0418785
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 74/6-15 5 x 15 m 0418786
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 84/6-15 4 x 15 m 0418787
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 30/10-20 10 x 12 m 0424609
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 35/10-20 8 x 12 m 0424610
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 40/10-20 7 x 12 m 0424611
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 54/10-20 7 x 12 m 0418788
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 64/10-20 6 x 12 m 0418789
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 74/10-20 5 x 12 m 0418790
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 84/10-20 4 x 12 m 0418791
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 54/15-30 7 x 8 m 0418821
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 64/15-30 6 x 8 m 0418822
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 74/15-30 5 x 8 m 0418823
blaugelb Multifunctional tape TrioSDL600 84/15-30 4 x 8 m 0418824

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Material: special impregnated PU foam
Building material class:
DIN 4102
B1 (difficult to ignite)
Stress group:
DIN 18542
BG 1 andBG R
DIN EN 1027
≥ 600 Pa
Joint permeability coefficient:
DIN EN 12114
a ≤ 0.1 m³ / [h*m*(daPa)n]
Thermal conductivity:
DIN EN 12667
ƛ = 0.048 W/m*K
Joint sound insulation: up to 59 dB (joint plastered over
on both sides)
Resistance to temperature changes:
DIN 18542
from -30 °C to +80 °C
Compatibility with adjacent building materials:
DIN 18542
Light and weather resistance
DIN 18542
Water vapour diffusion resistance:
DIN EN ISO 12572
μ ≤ 100
sd-value: open to vapour diffusion
U-value with window construction depth 60 /
70 / 80 / 90 mm
DIN 4108-3
U = 0,8 / 0,7 / 0,7 / 0,6 W/(m²*K)
Processing temperature: +5 °C to +30 °C
Dimension tolerance:
DIN 7715 T5 P3
Storage temperature: at +1 °C to +20 °C
Storage life: 12 months with dry storage in unopened original packaging, standing upright
Colour: anthracite, inside impregnated grey

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